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Artist Statement

Tracy Anderson                                             

Artist Statement


I am drawn to strong shadows and the emotions buried deep within. As I paint what touches my heart I strive to draw the viewer into the emotion and to connect not from the outward appearance of a subject, but their inward significance. Painting mostly in the chiaroscuro technique my desire is to illuminate a subject in a unique way that shows inner depth, struggle, thoughts and their personal journey in life. When the painted shows their vulnerability and the painter captures that it touches the viewer in a deeper way. My aim is to show how vulnerability and touching others hearts in this way is a beautiful and bonding moment bringing us all closer.


Whether I’m painting an expressive portrait, figures or still life, in a tight or more loose style, it always seems to reflect my inward journey in life. Painting is a way to express my reactions and personality in response to the world we live in.


The journey of creating for me is about the connection between the subject, lighting, limited palette of color and the emotion found in the subject. Most of my paintings are about beauty, curves, texture, emotion and how the subject is emerging out of the darkness. Using a single source of lighting creates shadows that take my breath away!  Sometimes seeing the exciting way light hits the texture of something  I find I have to stop and capture it, other times it’s the amazing connection of a gaze from the subject to the camera during the photo shoots. It’s capturing life in front of me as it happens. Being in the now, being aware, being present, and listening.


Fine Art Giclee'

A giclee is a reproduction created to masterfully match the original painting. 

I do have some paintings available in Fine Art Giclee's and have that option available for any commission for minimal cost.


That way all grandparents, parents, families can have a copy of your commissioned painting.

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